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Every Day is Earth Day for "Murph Express" Sailors

Today is Earth Day, a time when it seems everyone is trying to show off how environmentally conscious they are. But for sailors who ride the "Murph Express," being green is a natural thing. According to the Navy, the "Murph Express," is a free bus service for active duty Navy who live in Murphy Canyon Navy Housing. The bus takes commuters to naval installations throughout San Diego county, including Naval Base San Diego.

David Love is the Transportation Incentive Program/Rideshare Installation program manager for Naval Base San Diego. He says sailors who use the "Murph Express" can save upwards of $1,500 in the cost of getting to work each year.

The "Murph Express" isn't your average bus either. According to the website, each seat on the bus reclines, and has its own air-conditioning and lighting controls.


Anyone interested in riding the "Murph Express" for free needs to fill out an application. You can click here to get that application and more information on the bus service.