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Vietnam, Donald Trump, and the Draft

Tomorrow is the 36th anniversary of what historians consider the end of the Vietnam War, when Saigon fell and North Vietnam accepted South Vietnam's unconditional surrender. We lost 58,267 Americans during the war, according to numbers from the Department of Defense. More than 1,700 servicemembers are still classified as "Missing in Action."

So it seems especially timely that the media is sniffing around Donald Trump's claims that he didn't serve in the Vietnam War because he had a high draft lottery number. (And this the liberal media, folks - as the conservative National Review was the first to stir up the hornet's nest.) According to the National Review, Trump appeared on the TV program Good Day, New York and said:

False, and false. The Smoking Gun, my favorite website for checking out celebrity mug shots, has uncovered the truth. Turns out, Trump's draft lottery didn't even occur until after he graduated from college. What's more, Trump got three student deferments to avoid going to Vietnam. When he was no longer a student, he got a medical deferment.


I'm thinkin' people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones about failing to fully disclose one's past. But what about you? Do you care that Donald Trump lied about why he didn't serve in the Vietnam War?