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Osama Bin Laden Death Video Games Hit the Web

When I read about the first new Osama bin Laden death video game last week in the Dallas Morning News, my first thought was "ew." (The game, by the company Kuma War, is available for download by clicking here.) It just seemed in bad taste, maybe for the thousands of innocent Americans bin Laden killed, or the fact the man hadn't even been dead for a week. But upon further reflection, I thought about all the injured servicemembers these new video games could possibly help.

Last week, Home Post blogged about a new study that showed troops suffering from PTSD found their symptoms improved when they played combat-themed video games. These troops, according to the gamer website, found:

The gray lady herself, the New York Times, has even deemed one of the new video games newsworthy and featured it in its blog Bits. According to Bits:


You can download the level by clicking here. If you play any of these games, let me know how it goes. If you think it's in bad taste, feel free to leave a comment.