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USS Ronald Reagan Crew Gets Special Delivery (Video)

The crew of the USS Ronald Reagan got a special delivery recently, thanks to the folks at Operation Gratitude. The non-profit group provided each and every member of the Reagan crew with a care package, according to the Navy.

Carolyn Blashek is the founder and president of Operation Gratitude. She explains her group's mission this way:

"Operation Gratitude's mission is twofold; to put a smile on every servicemember's face, letting them know Americans care, and providing an avenue for every American to express their appreciation to our military and their families."

Operation Gratitude filled the care packages for the Reagan crew with roughly $50 worth of donated items - things like handmade stuffed animals or crocheted scarves.


Take a look at this PSA for Operation Gratitude created by Women in Film. It's a choker-upper:

USS Ronald Reagan Crew Gets Special Delivery (Video)