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Active-Duty Military to March in Gay Pride Parade for First Time (Video)

About 350 servicemembers will be breaking new ground on Saturday at the San Diego LGBT Pride Parade. That's because they'll be members of the the first-ever active-duty military contingent to march openly in a gay pride parade, according to San Diego LGBT Pride executive director Dwayne Crenshaw. Crenshaw tells News10 there will be about 350 members of the active-duty military contingent in the parade (complete with convoy truck).

Navy veteran Sean Sala tells News10:

Why now? Well, the repeal of the don't ask, don't tell law means gays and lesbians can actively serve in the military without fear of getting kicked out. Although the military had been in the process of training troops on how to apply the don't ask don't tell repeal, a recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the government to immediately stop enforcing the ban.


Organizers say the San Diego Pride Parade is the 5th largest of its kind in the country. They expect about 150,000 spectators at the event.

Click here to watch a video feature about Saturday's groundbreaking event, courtesy of News10.