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2nd Living Marine to Get Medal of Honor Trained at Twentynine Palms (Video)

Former Cpl. Dakota Meyer will become first living Marine in more than 40 years to receive the Medal of Honor, according to a scoop from the Marine Corps Times. Sources told the MCT that President Obama got in touch with Meyer earlier this week to congratulate him on his historic feat.

The last living Marine to be a Medal of Honor recipient was Sgt. Maj. Allan Kellogg (retired), who was awarded the military's highest honor for his heroic actions in the Vietnam War.

Meyer did his predeployment training at Twentynine Palms. According to the Marine Corps Times, that training served him well on September 8, 2009, when he acted heroically in Afghanistan:


The only other Marine to be awarded the Medal of Honor for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was Cpl. Jason Dunham, who received the award posthumously. Dunham earned the Medal of Honor for covering a live grenade with his own body in Iraq to protect his fellow Marines.

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Here's more on Meyer, courtesy of the Military Times: