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Camp Pendleton Marine Throws Hat into Ring (Video)

I know, I know - I promised! No more videos of troops asking celebrities to their Marine Corps Balls. But then a few fans of Camp Pendleton Marine Infantryman Ian Chilcote sent me his video via Twitter, and now I'm breaking my promise.

First, Home Post has to represent our local folks, and Chilcote is the first Marine (to my knowledge) from Camp Pendleton to join the "ask a celeb to a military dance" bandwagon.

Second, Chilcote has the um, guts, to ask a married woman on a date. His date of choice to attend his Marine Corps Ball is Katy Perry, the popular songstress who is legally wed to actor Russell Brand.


Third, Chilcote wears a cowboy hat and holds a guitar in his video, yet doesn't play a note. Again, the man has guts.

So, take a look at Chilcote's video for yourself and let Home Post know if you think this fella has a chance: