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USAA Will Loan Military Pay Advances During Debt Ceiling Crisis

As John Boehner and President Obama play what Fox News is calling a game of political chicken in Washington, military families throughout the rest of the country are wondering how they'll make ends meet if lawmakers don't raise the debt ceiling and the government can't pay servicemember salaries. Well, Dow Jones is reporting that the military insurance and financial services company USAA plans to step in and provide troops an advance on their missing paychecks.

According to Dow Jones:

Now, this is by no means a panacea for the debt ceiling crisis. When a potential government shutdown was threatening servicemembers' pay in April, I heard from scores of troops and their families about how difficult it is to get back pay from the government. And how this isn't a problem someone in the armed forces, deployed in a dangerous place, should be worrying about.


USAA has a list of tips on its website for military families on how to prepare for the debt ceiling crisis. Let Home Post know how you're preparing your family, too!