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USS Reagan Sailor Surprises Family with Early Reunion (Video)

The young children of USS Ronald Reagan Chief Warrant Officer 3 Dwight Koller did not expect to see their dad until the end of the month. They've had to live without him since he deployed last February. But yesterday Dad pulled off quite a surprise for sons 5-year-old David and 6-year-old Dwight Jr., and Dwight Jr.'s twin sister Frankie-Ray.

The Koller children thought they were simply participating in a patriotism-themed assembly at Ramona Community School, when they spotted a familiar figure approaching them in the crowd. According to the Ramona Sentinel, Koller had already had the opportunity to surprise his 10-month-old son Van.

The USS Ronald Reagan is currently on a port visit to Pearl Harbor and isn't expected to return to home port Naval Air Station North Island for a few more weeks.

San Diego television station 10News was at the assembly, and shot this video of the touching reunion. Click here to watch.