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Army Wants to Know if Fish Oil Could Prevent Suicide (Video)

Soldiers who commit suicide are more likely to have low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their brains, according to a study recently reported by Home Post. But does that mean increasing soldiers' omega-3 levels with fish oil could reduce their chances of taking their own lives? The Army hopes so, according to USA Today. Army Gen. Peter Chiarelli, tells the newspaper:

"I'm all over it, because I'm looking for something to help."

Even though there is no current direct evidence that consuming fish oil could reduce suicide, National Institutes of Health neuroscientist Capt. Joseph Hibbeln tells USA Today he's working to find some proof:

"I'm trying to make sure our docs get going as fast as they can to get some clinical trials going so we can make a determination whether or not there's anything to this."

Here's more on the story from ABC News: