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Veterans March with Occupy Wall Street Movement

Scott Olsen
Kathy Pacconi
Scott Olsen

Inspired by an Iraq War veteran who was critically injured during an Occupy Oakland protest, scores of military veterans are taking to the streets of New York City this morning to show their support of Occupy Wall Street.

USA Today reports Iraq Veterans Against the War is joining up with a group called "Veterans of the 99%" to demonstrate. They plan to march to Zuccotti Park to highlight the difficulties veterans have in finding jobs once they return home from war, according to New York Daily News.

Iraq War veteran and former Army specialist Scott Kimball is helping organize the march. He tells USA Today the wounding of former Marine Scott Olsen during Occupy Oakland emboldened many vets:


As Home Post reported earlier, Olsen's skull was fractured when he was hit by a tear gas canister during the protest. He is still in the hospital.