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USS Ronald Reagan Sailors Probed for Spice Use (Video)

Navy video on the dangers of Spice
Navy video on the dangers of Spice

The Navy is reporting that 28 Sailors from the USS Ronald Reagan are under investigation for alleged Spice use. According to the Navy, there were six different investigations that uncovered the illicit drug use on the Reagan:

In October, 49 Sailors assigned to the USS Carl Vinson were kicked out of the Navy after being caught using or distributing Spice. A total of 64 Sailors were forced out of the service during the October drug-bust.

Spice is a synthetic drug that's supposed to mirror the effects of marijuana. However, the Navy reports that's not always the case:


The problem of Spice is such a concern to the Navy that it produced a PSA-like video for all Sailors about the dangers of the drug: