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Treat a Marine Family to Dinner Before Deployment

A new non-profit called "Dine and Deploy" allows folks to treat a Camp Pendleton family to dinner before their Marine's deployment. Dine and Deploy is the brainchild of software company owner Peter Shikli of San Clemente.

According to the Dine and Deploy website, anyone who wants to treat a deploying Marine and his/her family to dinner can visit a participating restaurant (click here for a list) and make a donation by credit card to the program. Vouchers for meals are then handed out to deploying Marines at Camp Pendleton.

Shikli tells the Orange County Register the program is run through Camp Pendleton's Armed Services YMCA:

They give the tax deduction with the thank-you letter and the receipt. I'll print up the vouchers ... they give it to the commanding officers, who then give it to their men and women who are coming and going from Afghanistan.

The program is available just in San Clemente right now. If you'd like to donate online, you can click here.