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Anti-Suicide Phone App Could Go Nationwide (Video)

A smart phone application that aims to prevent suicide within the Tennessee National Guard could go nationwide if it's deemed a success.

Reuters reports the "Guard Your Buddy" app allows a Guard member to get immediate, anonymous help if he or she is feeling suicidal.

Tennessee National Guard Command Sergeant Major Terry Scott told Reuters:

"I think it's going to assist us in a great way. We have a lot of young soldiers in the 17-25 range and that's where our highest rate of suicide is. Being an electronic device, it is what they are in tune with."

The non-profit group, The Jason Foundation, helped develop the "Guard Your Buddy" app. Jason Foundation founder Clark Flatt named the foundation after his teenage son, who committed suicide in 1997.

To get the app, you can click here.

The Tennessean put together a video to explain how the app works. Take a look: