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Video of Airman Rapping During Wife's Birth Goes Viral

This may be the first time the word "cervix" has been used in a rap song. The man behind the rap "heeheehoohoo," Air Force Staff Sgt. Charles McDaniel, came up with the catchy tune while waiting for his wife LaQuita to have her baby at Aviano Air Base hospital in Italy last December.

According to what McDaniel wrote on YouTube:

So we chillin in the labor and delivery room in Aviano Italy AB waiting for my baby boy to be born when the heart monitoring machine kept acting up. Well, after a while that same redundant noise began to sound like music.

McDaniel was videotaping the experience, all the while rapping to keep LaQuita calm (and from the looks of it, amused).


The Stars and Stripes reports the couple celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary yesterday, and their new healthy baby boy Kingston is their fifth child.

And if we're talking numbers, McDaniel's rap video has more than 200,000 hits. Take a look (and a listen):

Video of Airman Rapping During Wife's Birth Goes Viral