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Four-Legged Robot Carries 400 Lbs of Squad Gear (Video)

LS3 robot walks down a hill
LS3 robot walks down a hill

Imagine carrying at least 100 pounds on your back as part of your job. That kind of burden is a fact of life for dismounted warfighters, according to That's why DARPA has worked so hard to come up with a way to "take the load off" for our troops.

Armed with Science reports:

So to help lighten the load, DARPA has a project in the works that looks something like a Star Wars robot. It's called the Legged Squad Support System (LS3), and the folks at DARPA hope it will become a robotic pack mule of sorts for Marines and Soldiers - with the capability of carrying 400 pounds of squad gear.


Here's video of the LS3 robot in action, courtesy of DARPA: