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Dover Mortuary Dumped 9/11 Victims' Remains in Landfill

The Dover Air Force Base mortuary dumped the remains of 9/11 victims in a landfill, according to the Washington Post. The Post reports the unidentified remains of 9/11 victims - from the attack on the Pentagon and the crash of United 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania - were incinerated and then dumped into a landfill.

It was a Washington Post story back in November 2011 that brought to light disturbing practices at Dover. In one case, mortuary workers sawed off a dead Marine's arm so it would fit inside his uniform and thus the casket - without the family's knowledge or consent. Perhaps more infamously, the ashes of at least 274 fallen servicemembers were dumped into a Virginia landfill between 2004 and 2008.

It was this troubling information that sparked a Department of Defense investigation. And it was this investigation that brought to light the fact that 9/11 victims' remains were dumped into a landfill.


According to the Post: