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Should Camp Pendleton Marine Be Disciplined for Anti-Obama Facebook Posts?

Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Gary Stein is the founder of a Facebook group called the Armed Forces Tea Party. Stein writes on his personal Facebook page of his belief that the troops should be allowed to express their political opinions:

But now Stein's own political agenda may have gotten him into some hot water. He recently wrote on Facebook that he would not follow the orders of his commander-in-chief, President Barack Obama. Stein later clarified his position to say he would not follow orders from Obama.

Stein told the North County Times that the Marine Corps is now investigating him for violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice.


Military law expert Gary Solis explained why to the North County Times:

Stein's possible disciplinary troubles have not quieted his political writings. On his personal Facebook page, Stein has written a call to action of sorts:

I would really love to hear from my readers in the military, their families, and veterans - what do you think of Sgt. Gary Stein?

Editor's Note: There is updated information on Sgt. Stein's case, which you can read by clicking here.