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Navy Aims to Stop Sexual Assault in the Service (Video)

Navy Sexual Assault Prevention Video
U.S. Navy
Navy Sexual Assault Prevention Video

Roughly 600 Sailors reported they were the victims of a sexual assault while in the Navy last year, according to Vice Adm. Scott Van Buskirk, chief of naval personnel. Van Buskirk is heading up a campaign during Sexual Assault Awareness Month to bring that number down to zero.

Van Buskirk says:

"We can get this right in our service. We can set the example of what is really acceptable behavior; what is a good professional command climate, how we set the right environment for the right behavior to occur and we can really get to a zero incidence."

April's campaign to stop sexual assault has four themes, according to the Navy.

  • Hurts One
  • Affects All
  • Prevention is Everyone's Duty
  • We Will Not Tolerate Sexual Assault

The campaign includes posters, educational tools, and videos like this one, called "Prevention is Everybody's Duty":

Prevention is Everybody's Duty