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Mystery Surrounds Death of Soldier Who Died On Skype With Wife

Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark and family
Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark and family

Army investigators are still searching for a cause of death for Capt. Bruce Kevin Clark, 43, who died suddenly while talking on Skype from Afghanistan with his wife on May 1st. Susan Orellana-Clark was chatting with her deployed husband from their home in El Paso, Texas, when Capt. Clark suddenly collapsed and fell forward.

Army Criminal Investigation Command spokesman Chris Grey released a statement today ruling out foul play as the cause of Clark's death:

"Agents conducting the investigation, found no trauma to the body beyond minor abrasions and a possible broken nose most likely caused from Captain Clark striking his face on his desk when he collapsed... Although we have not completely ruled it out to ensure a complete and thorough investigation is conducted, we do not suspect foul play in the death of Captain Clark at this point in our ongoing investigation."

Mrs. Clark released a statement of her own Sunday, printed by the Associated Press, which claimed she saw a bullet hole in the closet behind her husband after he collapsed during their conversation:

"Clark was suddenly knocked forward... The closet behind him had a bullet hole in it. The other individuals, including a member of the military, who rushed to the home of CPT Clark's wife also saw the hole and agreed it was a bullet hole... After two hours and many frantic phone calls by Mrs. Clark, two military personnel arrived in the room and appeared to check his pulse, but provided no details about his condition to his wife."

According to the Department of Defense, Clark was assigned to A Company, Troop Command, William Beaumont Army Medical Center, El Paso, Texas.

In addition to his wife, Capt. Clark leaves behind two young daughters.