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Marine Balances Duty, Professional Wrestling

U.S. Marine Corps
Marine Corps Sgt. Gaylon Summers, left, grapples with Azteca at an outdoor wrestling match in Fukuoka, Japan

What do Randy Orton, the “Road Dogg” Jesse James and Chuck Palumbo all have in common? All three men were Marines and professional wrestlers sometime in their careers.

Marine Corps Sgt. Gaylon Summers, ground safety manager for Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 12, hopes to be counted among those who have handled the stress of being a Marine and professional wrestler.

Summers, a Dyersburg, Tenn., native, has the tall, massive physique many would expect of a professional wrestler.


“It’s always [been] something I’ve wanted to do,” Summers said. While stationed in Cherry Point, N.C., he said, he saw a television commercial for an independent wrestling show. He sought contacts and soon was in touch with other wrestlers and began wrestling with them.