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Family of Slain Marine Sgt. Manuel Loggins Files Lawsuit

Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.
Sgt. Manuel Loggins Jr.

The family of slain Camp Pendleton Marine Sgt. Manuel Loggins, has filed a federal lawsuit against Orange County, the Orange County Sheriff's Department, and Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Darren Sandberg, according to the Orange County Register.

Deputy Sandberg shot and killed the unarmed Loggins back in February in front of his two young daughters.

According to the Register:

The suit does not specify the amount of damages being sought by the Camp Pendleton family, but it does ask for "punitive and exemplary" damages to be brought against the deputy and the county, suggesting that the actual amount being sought could be significant.

Early on the morning of February 7, Loggins was with two of his daughters at San Clemente High School when he was shot by Sandberg. Sandberg's union claims he was justified for shooting Loggins, because he was doing so to protect Loggins' daughters from their father's "irrational" behavior. But those who knew Loggins say he was a peaceful, deeply religious family man who was a positive influence to those around him.