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Obama Targets Military Families In New Campaign Ad (Video)

President Barack Obama
White House
President Barack Obama

Military families are the focus of a new web-only campaign ad featuring President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. The ad is just one aspect of the new "Veterans and Military Families for Obama" campaign launched today. The campaign will include phone banks, news conferences, and house parties, according to CNN.

President Obama will also to travel to 16 states over the next few weeks in an effort to attract military and veteran voters. Many of those states are swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina.

Rob Diamond, New York state director of the Obama campaign, told reporters today:

"We're going to break down that mythology about the military voting history and the veteran voting history. There's a changing demographic out there and a changing military and this new voting pattern netted the president nearly 4 million votes [in 2008]."

What do the Obamas say in this new campaign ad? Take a look for yourself:

Obama Military Campaign Ad