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Camp Pendleton Dad, Finalist for Fatherhood Award, On National TV (Video)

The Kelly family
Brandy Kelly
The Kelly family

Camp Pendleton-based Navy Lt. Dennis Kelly is one of three finalists for the National Fatherhood Initiative's 2012 Military Fatherhood Award. Lt. Kelly joined the other two finalists - U.S. Army 1st Lt. William Edwards and Senior Airman Jonathan Jackson - on Fox News this weekend.

Brandy Kelly nominated her husband for the award. She explained to the nominating committee the lengths her husband goes to to make each of their five children feel special:

Dennis makes it a point to spend one on one time with each child. He knows what each one likes and plans those activities. Caleb loves swinging high on the backyard swing, Hope likes going to the nearby stables to feed the horses, Sarah loves to sing and dance, Micah enjoys rough housing, and Seth loves reading and snuggling. They are all different and Dennis shows them love in the way they understand.

The National Fatherhood Initiative will announce the winner next Sunday.


Here's Lt. Kelly on Fox News.