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Military Giving More Money To Obama Than Romney

President Barack Obama
White House
President Barack Obama

Members of the U.S. military and Department of Defense employees are giving more money to President Obama's presidential campaign than Mitt Romney's, according to an analysis of campaign finance reports by USA Today. In fact, Obama is gaining military contributions at a 5-to-1 ratio to Romney.

Which branch of the military is giving the most money to the candidates? According to USA Today:

Army employees are the biggest source of military contributions to each: $108,571 to Obama and $22,004 to Romney.

As Home Post reported last week, the president recently kicked off a campaign directly aimed at service members and veterans. The campaign, called "Veterans and Military Families for Obama," includes phone banks, news conferences, house parties - and most importantly, visits to critical swing states by Obama himself.


Rob Diamond, New York state director of the Obama campaign, described the goal of "Veterans and Military Families for Obama" this way:

"We're going to break down that mythology about the military voting history and the veteran voting history. There's a changing demographic out there and a changing military and this new voting pattern netted the president nearly 4 million votes [in 2008]."

Is it working?