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U.S. Navy Ship Shoots At Boat In Persian Gulf, One Dead

USNS Rappahannock
U.S. Navy
USNS Rappahannock

The USNS Rappahannock fired at a small boat in the Persian Gulf today, when the boat ignored repeated warnings and came too close to the Navy ship. At least one person on the "rapidly" approaching craft was killed, according to a Navy news release.

The incident took place near the port of Jebel Ali, which is near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

The Navy reports the small motor boat continued toward the Rappahannock, even after several warnings were given:

The U.S. crew repeatedly attempted to warn the vessel's operators to turn away from their deliberate approach. When those efforts failed to deter the approaching vessel, the security team on the Rappahannock fired rounds from a .50-caliber machine gun.

The Rappahannock is a replenishment oiler that's part of the Pacific Fleet.

The Navy is investigating the incident.