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Veteran Might Have To Euthanize PTSD Service Dog (Video)


Earlier today I wrote about a new VA policy that refuses coverage for PTSD service dogs. The reality is, most veterans get their service dogs through non-profits and donations. But the problem with not getting the VA to cover the ongoing costs of maintaining PTSD service dogs is brutally illustrated in a story covered by 9News in Colorado.

Sgt. Karl Hofle spent twenty years in the military, and was discharged in January. He suffers from PTSD, brought on by his numerous deployments to war zones. He was able to find relief from his symptoms with the help of his PTSD service dog Jake, who was donated by a dog breeder named Southern Sollars.


The problem is Jake now needs $10,000 worth of veterinary care to save his life, but the Hofle family can't afford the treatment.

I've posted the 9News feature on the Hofle family's crisis at the top of this post. I'd love to get your reactions to the story.