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US Soldier Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth In Afghanistan

A U.S. soldier who claims she didn't know she was pregnant gave birth while deployed in Afghanistan. Women are not allowed to deploy while pregnant, and the soldier was given a pre-deployment pregnancy test before she left for Afghanistan, which apparently failed to detect the pregnancy.

U.S. Army Europe spokesman Joe Garvey told the Stars and Stripes that both the unnamed soldier and her command did not know she was carrying a child:

“[S]he did not know nor exhibited signs or symptoms typical of pregnancy during deployment up until delivery.”

That delivery happened in August, according to the Stars and Stripes, and the soldier and her infant son were flown to Germany to be checked out by medical staff there. Both mother and baby were healthy.


As Home Post recently reported, a British soldier gave birth in September at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan. That woman also claimed she had no idea she was pregnant. The unnamed Royal Artillery gunner gave birth four days after Camp Bastion was attacked by insurgents.