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Chief Claims Slain Marine Aimed Car At Police (Video)

The head of the Palms Springs Police Department says his officers shot and killed Twentynine Palms Marine Cpl. Allan DeVillena after he refused orders to stop his car, and instead drove his vehicle toward one of the officers.

Police Chief Al Franz held a news conference on Monday to discuss the shooting, which took place early Saturday morning at a Palms Springs parking garage. According to Franz, DeVillena was in his black Chrysler 300 when he was approached by two police officers on bicycle patrol.

DeVillena, who was with fellow Twentynine Palms Marine Pfc. Clinton Harris, allegedly refused orders to stop his car. According to Franz's statement, which was also posted on the PSPD Facebook page:

One of the officers climbed partially through the passenger side window, attempting to stop the vehicle. The suspect accelerated directly toward the second officer, striking him and continued on with the initial officer suspended from the passenger side window. The suspect continued driving until crashing the vehicle near the exit.

In the course of these events, fearing for their safety and the safety of others both officers discharged their weapons.
DeVillena was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Franz.

DeVillena's family, however, isn't buying the police version of events. His father Allan DeVillena Sr. told Palm Springs television station KMIR-TV:

"He's not the type to start anything let alone with a police officer. He was smarter than that...

"There was no just cause. It's just not in him."
You can watch the entirety of Chief Franz's comments at the top of this post, with video courtesy of The Desert Sun.