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Camp Pendleton Marine's Carbon Monoxide Death Was Preventable (Video)


The death of a Camp Pendleton Marine from carbon monoxide poisoning was completely preventable, according to someone who lived in the same apartment complex where Pvt. McQuen Forbush died on November 10.

Molly Collins told television station KTVB-TV that during the six months she lived in Sagecrest Apartments in Meridian, Idaho, her carbon monoxide detector went off at least four times.


Collins says she contacted property management after each incident, including one where paramedics had to be called out when her daughter suffered carbon monoxide poisoning. The girl survived, but Collins believes the warning signs of future tragedy were ignored:

"I don't feel like they really did handle it, they really didn't respond, my emphasis is on they knew there was a problem in these units and they knew I was having a problem and they didn't come in and inspect...<br><br>"I really felt like more could have been done, and this was preventable, this was a preventable and negligent death."
As Home Post reported last month, Forbush, 18, was visiting his family in Idaho while on leave when he died of carbon monoxide poisoning in his girlfriend's apartment.