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Dog Stuck In San Diego Reunited With Military Family (Video)


Gunner the dog was able to reunite with his family in Japan after being left behind in San Diego when the Navy transferred his family to Japan. Hospital Corpsman First Class John Gromer, Gunner's owner, said he attempted to bring Gunner with the family, but American Airlines initially refused to tranport the large dog.

According to San Diego televisions station 10News, the Gromer family initially attempted to fly to Japan with Gunner on November 29. John Gromer told 10News that American would not load Gunner’s kennel on the plane because it was too big – by two inches:

Gromer said the kennel he brought to the airport was large because guidelines on the airline's website suggest that the dog have enough room in the crate to be comfortable. He said he was just trying to comply.

Gromer discovered it would cost upwards of $4,000 to fly Gunner to Okinawa by cargo plane.

But fortunately, American Airlines reversed its stance, and flew Gunner to Okinawa free of charge this week. Take a look at the video up top.

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