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Son Of Medal Of Honor Recipient Clinton Romesha Steals Spotlight (Video)

The toddler son of Medal of Honor recipient Clinton Romesha stole the spotlight for a few moments at Monday's White House ceremony.

Before President Obama awarded Romesha the military's highest honor, Colin Romesha made his way to the podium and charmed the gathered crowd.

During the ceremony, ABC News reports, the president paid homage to little Colin's big personality:

"Colin is not as shy as Clint. He was in the Oval Office, and he was racing around pretty good and sampled a number of the apples before he found the one that was just right.”

As Home Post reported yesterday, the president awarded the Medal of Honor to former Army Staff Sgt. Romesha for his heroic actions during the 13-hour Battle of Kamdesh in Afghanistan on October 3, 2009.

Romesha is just the fourth living recipient to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I've posted ABC News's video of Colin Romesha up top. Take a look - I promise it will make your day.