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Free Body Fat Dunk Test Offer For Camp Pendleton Marines (Video)

Body Fat Dunk Test

The Marine Corps Times has put out a call to Camp Pendleton Marines looking for free dunk tests to measure their body fat.

According to the Gannett Company-owned newspaper and website, dunk tests are a more accurate way to measure body fat than tape testing.


To prove it, the Times wants male and female Marines...

...who have scored at least 280 on their PT tests yet were <a href="">forced to take the tape test</a> and had difficulty passing it.

Marines chosen for the tests will be dunked in May outside Camp Pendleton.

A website for FitnessWave San Diego, a company that specializes in dunk testing (a.k.a. hydrostatic testing), claims using water to test body fat is the "gold standard":

Hydrostatic body fat testing, or underwater weighing, is the immersion of the body in water to get the most precise measurement of body fat percentage. Based on the Archimedes principle, hydrostatic testing is a more exact measurement because bone, muscle and connective tissue, known as lean mass, sinks while body fat floats, giving you a more accurate measurement than with traditional body fat testing methods.

Interested in getting a good dunk? Send an email to with "dunk test" in the subject line. And watch the video I've posted up top, showing what a dunk test looks like when taken by a VERY fit young man. (You're welcome, ladies.)