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Camp Pendleton Marine Investigated For Road Rage Incident (+Video)

Camp Pendleton officials say the Marine Corps sergeant caught on tape in a road rage incident is being investigated for "potential legal or administrative proceedings."

Base spokesman Sgt. Christopher Duncan said in a statement released to CNN:

"...any further legal proceedings regarding this incident would be at the discretion of his unit, which is still gathering information."

As Home Post reported last week, a female Marine who is paralyzed from the waist down shot video of the Marine sergeant verbally attacking her and her caregiver brother after a fender bender on base.


In the video (posted below), the sergeant physically threatens the injured Marine's brother, uses abusive and profane language, and kicks the vehicle in which the injured Marine and her brother are sitting.

San Diego television station 10News has identified the Marine involved in the road rage incident as Sgt. Joshua Brightman, a Purple Heart recipient who was shot while serving in Afghanistan.

He recently spoke at the elementary school where his mother, Sheila Brightman, works as a teacher - showing him in a much different light. I've posted video of Sgt. Brightman's speech at the school assembly below: