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Marines Raise U.S. Flag Over Oklahoma Tornado Rubble (Video)


A group of U.S. Marines who were on hand in Moore, Oklahoma to help with search and rescue efforts created a scene of hope and support amid the destruction. The Marines raised an American flag they found in the rubble, reminiscent of other times in history when the raising of the flag over a scene of hopelessness raised morale.

Canadian meteorologist Jaclyn Whittal was the first to photograph the scene, and the Tweet she sent of the photo has been compared to the flag-raising at Iwo Jima. It also reminds me of the scene of New York firefighters raising the American flag over Ground Zero on 9/11.


Sadly, the search for survivors has ended in Moore, where 24 people lost their lives when the F-5 tornado flattened their town.

The Oklahoma National Guard is still on the scene aiding first responders, according to a Guard news release:

The Oklahoma Guard’s 63rd Civil Support Team’s 22 soldiers specialize in search and rescue operations, atmospheric monitoring for hazardous materials and searching for physical hazards such as live downed electrical lines.

The video of the flag-raising posted up top is courtesy of Oklahoma City television station KVUE-TV.