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Camp Pendleton Squadron CO Dismissed Due To Alcohol Violation

Lt. Col. Ned Biehl
Lt. Col. Ned Biehl

Marine Corps Lt. Col. Ned Biehl was dismissed as commanding officer of the Camp Pendleton-based Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 on March 12 - because he brought bottles of liquor onto the USS Peleliu after the ship's captain told him not to, according to documents obtained by the Marine Corps Times.

The documents are part of a Marine Corps investigation into Biehl's conduct. Chief Communication Specialist Jeremy Wood, a spokesman for the Peleliu, told the Marine Corps Times that alcohol is not permitted on board:

“This is in accordance with fleet and shipboard policies. Additionally, the ship does not maintain a liquor locker for secured storage of liquor for any personnel aboard, outside of alcohol stored for official use.”

According to the investigation report, Biehl had a female major purchase the alcohol. He planned to serve the liquor to his field grade officers as a way of saying thank you, while the officers were on liberty during a port call in Jordan.

The incident took place during the Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group's eight-month deployment to the Middle East.

The Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 364 was deployed with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, which is part of the Peleliu ARG.

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