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Navy Corpsman Grabs Spotlight At US Open On Labor Day (Video)


Labor Day is usually a bonanza for tennis fans, with the U.S. Open showcasing the sport's greatest players in a full day of action. Unfortunately this year, Mother Nature hasn't been playing along, and most of the games have been rain delayed.

But such hurdles are water off a duck's back for Navy Corpsman Angelo Anderson, one of the tournament's ballpersons, and the survivor of once-incapacitating injuries suffered in Afghanistan.

Home Post first reported on Anderson last week, when he was just starting out as a ballperson at the Open.

Just a refresher: On July 2, 2010, Anderson was on patrol with several Marines in Afghanistan when he was hit in the leg and arm with rounds from an AK-47. After more than 30 surgeries, he now able to walk, run, and throw a ball - with a titanium rod in his leg and a titanium plate in his arm.

Today CBS Sports ran a feature on Anderson that choked me up, showing us all how much he's had to overcome to get where he is today. However, the entire feature hasn't yet been posted on the CBS Sports website. When it is, I'll make sure that's the video you see up top. Until then, I've posted the promo on Anderson's story that is available. Stay tuned!