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Blue Angels To Return To The Skies For Full 2014 Schedule (Video)

Blue Angels Return To The Skies

The Blue Angels' 2014 schedule is a go! The first stop for the team will be the air show at Naval Air Facility El Centro in the Imperial Valley next March.

All in all, the Blue Angels are slated to perform 65 shows in 34 locations - including the Miramar Air Show in October 2014.

Sequestration prompted the cancellation of the Blue Angels' 2013 season. That was tough for the team, as the video posted up top illustrates.

Last July, the Blue Angels announced new team members for the 2014 season. Two San Diegans (one former, one current) made the cut.

They are:

Navy Lt. j.g. Amber Lynn Daniel, 32, from Ramona. She is currently assigned to the Navy Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Washington, D.C. Daniel will serve as Public Affairs Officer.

Pre-selected to join the team was Navy Lt. Cmdr. Declan Hartney, 43, of Limerick, Ireland, who is currently assigned to Naval Special Warfare Support Activity 1 (NSWSA-1) at Naval Amphibious Base (NAB) Coronado. Hartney will serve as Maintenance Officer.