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Drone Hits San Diego-Based Navy Ship, Two Sailors Injured (Video)

A drone launched from Point Magu malfunctioned and hit the San Diego-based USS Chancellorsville during training, sparking a small fire and injuring two sailors.

10News reports the drone that struck the Chancellorsville during training off the coast of Ventura County was 13-feet-long and 1-foot in diameter. Its wingspan was just shy of 6-feet.

Navy Lt. Lenaya Rotklein of the U.S. Third Fleet told NBS News the errant drone left a 2- to 3-foot hole on the port side of the ship:

"They're trying to figure out what happened. It's certainly rare."

The two sailors injured in the mishap were treated for minor burns, according to The Associated Press.

The Chancellor is back at Naval Base San Diego, where the Navy is assessing damage. The Los Angeles Times reports investigators are also looking into why the drone malfunctioned.