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Check Out This Gingerbread Recreation Of Bin Laden's Compound

Soldier with his gingerbread creation "Gingerbottabod"
Soldier with his gingerbread creation "Gingerbottabod"

Dubbed Gingerbottabad, Military Times calls it "the most infamous, and delicious, terrorist compound of the holiday season." Although it sounds like a movie, it's actually a replica of Osama bin Laden's Abbottabad compound, made of gingerbread by an Army military intelligence officer with a little time on his hands.

Steve the soldier talked about creation to Military Times, but only wanted his first name used “so I don’t limit my career options”...

It took Steve several days to convert his tasty vision into a rudimentary rendering in cookies and icing. He used 63 pieces of gingerbread, two sandwich bags of icing, two candy canes and a few Legos, he said.

The soldier's handiwork was first displayed on Twitter, via his handle @combatcavscout.


Director Kevin Smith responded on Twitter to Gingerbottabad with his trademark sense of humor:

"All that gingerbread makes me zero dark thirsty..."