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San Diego Housing Commission Releases Homeless Statistics Report

Most of the 854 people at Project Homeless Connect at Golden Hall were single white men, 41-60 years old, according to a San Diego Housing Commission report out Thursday.

The commission said 81.3 percent of those at the Dec. 4 event were single, 58.3 percent were white, 58.5 percent were 41-60 years old and 61.1 percent were men.

The commission, which organizes the annual event, said 85 percent were unemployed, 53.5 percent had a medical condition or disability, 49.3 percent had mental health issues and 40.9 percent were unsheltered — meaning they were living on the streets or in vehicles.


"As we release our Project Homeless Connect Report Thursday, we're reminded of the hundreds of people still living on the streets in the city of San Diego," SDHC President and CEO Richard Gentry said. "The information contained in this report provides us with a profile of Project Homeless Connect participants and the kinds of help they sought or may need to begin the process of ending their homelessness and rebuilding their lives."

The commission also found that 36.3 percent had a monthly cash income of less than $1,000, 15.3 percent were military veterans and 11.6 percent were members of families with children.

At the event, 355 people got haircuts, 125 got flu shots and 85 got Department of Motor Vehicles identification cards.

The city of San Diego, the Interfaith Shelter Network, Family Health Centers of San Diego and St. Vincent de Paul Village also helped put on the event.

On Friday, about 1,300 volunteers are scheduled to take part in the annual, countywide point-in-time homeless count, which helps government agencies and charities get an idea of how many people are living on the streets.


Organizers for the downtown San Diego part of the count plan to gather at 4 a.m. at Golden Hall. Among those participating are Rep. Scott Peters, D-San Diego, Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, D-San Diego, Supervisor Greg Cox, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria, and Councilmen David Alvarez, Kevin Faulconer, Mark Kersey and Scott Sherman.