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US Naval Academy Student Dies In Skateboarding Accident

Midshipman 3rd Class Hans Loewen
Midshipman 3rd Class Hans Loewen

Midshipman 3rd Class Hans Loewen, 20, died March 29 after suffering a massive head injury in a freak accident, according to USA Today. Loewen, a sophomore at the U.S. Naval Academy, was skateboarding (wearing a helmet) when he fell and was run over by a car.

Loewen's death comes just days after the death of a fellow Naval Academy student. Midshipman 4th Class Will McKamey, 19, passed away March 26 after collapsing during football practice on campus.

Hans's mother, Jennifer, wrote on about her son:

"He is a a kitesurfer, a rock climber, an extreme downhill longboarder, a surfer, a paddleboarder, a unicyclist, a slackliner, a snowboarder, a mountain climber, a mountain biker, a triathlete, a drummer, a reader, a comedian, and our loving and perfect son."

Jennifer Loewen said one of her son's dear friends eulogized him perfectly:

“Hans acted like earth was heaven while he was here.”