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Mother-In-Law Of Missing Pregnant Marine Wife Erin Corwin Speaks Out (Video)

Cpl. Jonathan Wayne Corwin and Erin Corwin
Cpl. Jonathan Wayne Corwin and Erin Corwin

The mother-in-law of missing pregnant teenager Erin Corwin is speaking out, telling the media that her son - Twentynine Palms Marine Cpl. Jonathan Wayne Corwin - had nothing to do with his young wife's disappearance.

Sheila Braden told television station KESQ rampant speculation that Jonathan Corwin had something to do with why his 19-year-old wife vanished is unjustified:

"John is stoic. He internalizes a lot of emotions. It's apparent he's torn up inside over Erin being missing and wants his wife back, and he's still hoping and praying that that's going to happen...

"He can't speak out, his command has asked him to be quiet.. He feels helpless because he can't help with the search."
Jonathan Corwin reported Erin Corwin missing June 29 - one day after she disappeared while scouting for photography locations at Joshua Tree National Park.

Because of the "suspicious circumstances" surrounding Corwin's disappearance, San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cindy Bachman said homicide detectives are on the case.

Corwin's 2013 Toyota Corolla was discovered July 2, according to Capt. Dale Mondary, who informed KMIR-TV that the vehicle was discovered not in Joshua Tree National Park, but near Twentynine Palms:

"It was near the base and the desert, yes, but keeping mind that's a very large base."

Erin Corwin is originally from Oak Ridge, Tenn., and local television station WVLT spoke with her sister-in-law about the family's plan to offer a reward:

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