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US Marine Veteran Guards National War Memorial In Canada (Video)

The National War Memorial in Canada's capital city of Ottawa has been without an official guard since a gunman took the life of reservist Cpl. Nathan Cirillo. But Marine Major “Fox” Sinke, a Vietnam veteran with dual U.S.-Canadian citizenship, has taken it upon himself to stand watch at the memorial, paying tribute to his "comrade in arms."

Canada's reports Sinke took up his unofficial post at the National War Memorial on Oct. 31. He told the media outlet:

“There are those of us who understand what’s happening and we’re not gonna lie down for it. Not gonna happen. That’s basically why I’m here. I’m just here to make my own little personal damn statement.”

The website Guards of Valor, whose self-proclaimed mission is to "out those who falsely claim Military service and/or claim unauthorized medals or tabs" has confirmed through military records that Sinke is the real deal:

"We can tell you that not only did this man serve as a Marine, he was a highly decorated Marine! He is taking a stand for what he believes is right, and yes he has five Purple Hearts. This man is a true American and Canadian Hero, we salute you Sir and the stand you are taking!!!"

According to Strategic Book Group, the company that published Sinke's book When None of Their Dreams Were Dead, Sinke earned those five Purple Hearts during combat in Vietnam from 1966-1971.