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USS Carl Vinson Crew Member Advises Aspiring Blue Angels (Video)

Navy Lt. Holly Taylor
U.S. Navy
Navy Lt. Holly Taylor

The Blue Angels are hiring new crew members. But exactly what does it take to make the Navy's elite flight demonstration squadron? One former Blue Angel now serving aboard the USS Carl Vinson has some words of advice for those aspiring to make the team.

Navy Lt. Holly Taylor works as the USS Carl Vinson's personnel officer. She served as administration officer for the Blue Angels from Sept. 2011 to Nov. 2013.

Taylor says aspiring Blue Angels must be open to new experiences, have a strong personality, but be able to connect with all sorts of people:

"You get to go into a person's 'back yard' and show them what the Navy is all about. You get to interact with them and hear their stories and share yours, while reinforcing the Navy's mission."

Blue Angels travel across the country from March to November each year, with lots of time away from home. But the thrill of piloting one of the Navy's elite jets makes it all worth it, says Taylor:

"Being able to fly in one of the Blue Angel's jets was easily my favorite experience. I have 22 hours of flight time in their jets. There is nothing like it."

Still interested in becoming a Blue Angel? The Navy is accepting applications until March 15. The Blue Angels are looking for "enlisted Sailors with a projected rotation date of Sept. 2015 to April 2016."

The squard started training at their winter base, Naval Air Facility El Centro, earlier this month. The squad's first show of 2015 will be at NAF El Centro on March 12. (Click here to see the full schedule.)

Imperial Valley Press put together this video of the Blue Angels in training. Enjoy!

Blue Angels Arrive For Training