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Californians Pay Respects to the Late Gerald Ford

Family and close friends of the late President Gerald Ford gather at the family church in Palm Desert, Calif., for a private prayer service. A Marine band played as military pall-bearers carried Mr. Ford's flag-draped casket inside St. Margaret's Episcopal Church.

Thousands of people turned out to watch the funeral procession make its way through town. Later Friday, many of them will be allowed inside the church to pay their respects in person.

The late president and Betty Ford often worshiped at the church, in the town that the Fords have long called home. The church will keep its doors open all night.


Secret Service, local police and military troops are patrolling in the area around the church. Thousands of people are expected to move through the church to see the body between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, when it will be moved to Washington.

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