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Mexico, N.Y., Residents Dig Out from Snow


While New Orleans celebrates, parts of upstate New York are digging out from over 100 inches of snow.

Ms. KAREN GRIMSHAW: The snow was so high that it actually bowed my front porch right in.


ELLIOTT: We reached Karen Grimshaw at her house surrounded by more than nine feet of snow in Mexico. Yes, Mexico, New York.

Ms. GRIMSHAW: The snow is right up over the windows, and I'm 100 feet off of the street and I cannot see it because the snow is so high.

ELLIOTT: Mexico, New York - population 5,000 - is on the eastern edge of Lake Ontario. Despite its name, Mexico is known for big snowfall.

Ms. GRIMSHAW: We have some pretty good winters here, but I don't care what anybody says; no, we're not used to this.

ELLIOTT: Grimshaw says she's staying warm and has plenty of food, but as for removing all the snow, she doesn't know where to even start.


Ms. GRIMSHAW: It's just so high, there's no place to put it. When you snowblow or you shovel, it's almost impossible to clear it.

ELLIOTT: The end may be in sight for Karen Grimshaw and other upstate New Yorkers. The National Weather Service says the area could get another blast of snow, but after that, the worst should be over. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.