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Underneath the Snow in Upstate New York


This is WEEKEND EDITION from NPR News. I'm Liane Hansen. It's still snowing hard in parts of central New York. Ten more inches of snow fell yesterday in the town of Parish. The town's total for the week now stands at more than 110 inches. And the National Weather Service says another two to four feet of lake effect snow could fall in the area by tomorrow afternoon. With us is Vicki Hurtibus. She's the manager of the Maple View Family Restaurant in Parish, New York. She's on the line from her home. How you doing, Vicki?

Ms. VICKI HURTIBUS (Manager, Maple View Family Restaurant): I'm doing good, thank you.


HANSEN: Is it going to be easy to get to work? How do you get there?

Ms. HURTIBUS: This morning - I just called. The roads are okay now. In an hour, that could change here.

HANSEN: Right. What does it look like outside?

Ms. HURTIBUS: You see nothing but white. The apartment buildings and the houses, the snow banks are up so high they can't even see out their windows.

HANSEN: Really? How high would you say...


Ms. HURTIBUS: Oh they've got - now they've got to be 20 feet or more.

HANSEN: Twenty feet?

Ms. HURTIBUS: At least.

HANSEN: You're used to having a lot of snow though. Is it really that different this week?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Yes, because it all came at once. I mean the fire companies are having trouble finding fire hydrants and getting them plowed out, you know. And it's just all at once and everybody gets snowed in and that's it.

HANSEN: How are you keeping up with all of the shoveling and the plowing of the - you know, your sidewalks, and you've also got the restaurant. You have to do the parking lot.

Ms. HURTIBUS: Right. Well, we have a good crew there too with the big plows and a pay-loader and they just keep piling it up in piles.

HANSEN: And then they come in and get warmed up with some coffee and pie, right?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Right.

HANSEN: Yeah. How are you able to get supplies delivered to you at the restaurant?

Ms. HURTIBUS: This week, this past week hasn't been so bad because the days that the supplies come in for the few hours in the morning it's been fine. We've gotten the later snow. But I'm not so sure about this coming week, however. I guess things will be all right.

HANSEN: And you're close to the highway right? So that's...


HANSEN: advantage?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Yes, we are.

HANSEN: You have trucks staying overnight in the parking lot. What are the drivers telling you about what they've been seeing and the conditions they've had to work with?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Well, actually they feel pretty lucky to be off the road at that point. They say it's white-outs, visibility is zero, and they're glad to have someplace warm to come into.

HANSEN: Yeah, I bet. I bet. Do you like snow, Vicki?

Ms. HURTIBUS: I did when I was younger. I'm not real fond of it now that I'm older.

HANSEN: Has it increased that not-fondness this past week?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Absolutely it has. Absolutely.

HANSEN: But you're going to stick it out in Parish for a while?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Oh yes.

HANSEN: All right.


HANSEN: Well, good luck to you. Vicki Hurtibus is the manager of the Maple View Family Restaurant in Parish, New York. And we reached her at home. Vicki, thanks again for talking to us and stay warm, okay?

Ms. HURTIBUS: Okay. Thank you. Bye. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.