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Astronauts Take a Six-Hour Spacewalk in Orbit

Two NASA astronauts floated outside the International Space Station Friday morning, on a spacewalk to help install a new living compartment at the international space station.

Astronauts Scott Parazynski and Douglas Wheelock worked with astronauts inside the station who were operating a robotic arm to transfer the compartment from the space shuttle Discovery to the orbiting space lab.

The compartment, called Harmony, is about the size of a school bus and weighs nearly 16 tons. It will be used as a docking port for laboratories that will arrive on the next three shuttle flights.


During the six-hour spacewalk, Parazynski and Wheelock also removed a broken antenna from the station and placed it on Discovery so it can go back to Earth.

Parazynski is slated to participate in four of the five mission's spacewalks. This is Wheelock's first trip to space.

From NPR reports and the Associated Press.

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