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Designing Yourself

I am taking a couple of weeks off to do absolutely nothing, but since you are here, how about a little unasked-for worldly advice? In June, I gave a commencement talk at Maine's College of the Atlantic. I've already posted the text, but here's the speech as I delivered it. It's me talking about ways to tiptoe into adulthood.

My suggestions won't work for everybody, (didn't always work for me) but I'm hoping some of them make sense.


For folks in the Seattle-Portland-Vancouver area, Jad Abumrad and I (and the gang at Radiolab) are coming to the Paramount Theater on Friday and Saturday, Aug. 24th and 25th. It's a show about light and dark, and features three extraordinary adventures, dance, mayhem, music and a brief visit to the entire universe. Hope you can drop by.

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